Garden Landscaping Project In Hertfordshire

Garden Landscaping Project In Hertfordshire

Wooden decking

Ground clearance

This garden landscaping project in Hertfordshire required a large amount of clearance. This included two large tree stumps and an old deck, that was erected to level the sloping garden out.

garden design and landscaping
Garden Landscaping Survey


Once the garden was cleared, it was surveyed and plans were made for the new garden design.

Garden landscaping wall foundations

Wall foundations

To maximise the space in this garden, the ground was leveled. This meant that a reinforced retaining wall needed to be built to hold the huge volume of earth required.

Garden landscaping wall build

Wall Building

A fully constructed hollow block wall awaiting back-filling with concrete.

Wall laying
Garden landscaping drainage


To reduce the stress on the reinforced wall, a system was installed to help drain rain water away from the wall.

Soil drainage
Garden landscaping - Back-filling


This part of the garden required a lot of back-filling and compacting, this is in order to prevent subsidence.

Garden landscaping fence building

fence building

The customer required a new post and rail fence along the back of the property.

Garden landscaping lawn preparation

lawn preparation

Stage one of laying the new lawn is to bring in 20 tons of top soil to BS 3882 and start getting a rough level.

Garden landscaping patio building 2

Patio building

Start of the patio laying process.

Patio laying
Garden landscaping planter building

Planter building

The customer wanted a planter for growing vegetables. This was constructed using new softwood sleepers.

Garden landscaping turf laying

Laying turf

Once the top soil had been leveled and compacted the top surface could be teased and a new lawn laid.

Turf laying
Garden landscaping finishing touches

Finishing touches

Last few jobs included pointing of the patio, wiring in the garden lighting and giving the lawn a very good watering.

garden landscaping project in Hertfordshire